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Rollywood BBQ is a full service catering company based out of Okotoks, Alberta specializing in Authentic Southern BBQ. With over 12 years of experience we can deliver BBQ like you have never tasted anywhere else before..

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Specifically designed to endorse specific barbecue regions of the mid-west and southern states, our menu delivers unforgettable food you just cant find anywhere else. People ask all the time “What is your secret? What do you do so differently from everyone else? Why is your food so unique and better than all your competitors?” Well, it is not because we have some secret recipe, or have a secret supplier of meat that no one else can get. It is not because our smokers are advanced in design, or because we make all our own sauces and rubs. It is because Geoff has an obsession with attention to detail when it comes to cooking meat. Every single brisket, rack of ribs, sausage, chicken, turkey, hog and every single log that is put on the fire is treated individually. Cooked to an exact temperature and part of a detailed process, that is followed not only with passion but a comprehension for the science behind how things work.

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We promise a truly authentic southern barbecue experience. Having lived and learned in the Southern regions of the United States, you will get to experience what true southern barbecue is supposed to taste like.

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